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Chat times for Summer 2021
9:30a-10:50a ET/6:30a-7:50a PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Around the World in Nine Weeks Student Survival Guide

Why Study Geography?

Well, first of all, because it is just fun. Learning geography is like taking a world tour: you see new people, places, buildings, learn about customs, climates, counsels, food, geology, rivers, history, islands, literature, mountains, and art.

But geography is mostly about location: learning where things are, and how they are related spatially to one another. While the internet may wipe out location considerations for some experiences (we don't all have to be in the same place to hold chat sessions), books and mail still have to travel through the real world, and until very recently, so did information. Understanding how people communicated in the past, and the challenges they faced getting from one location to another helps us realize the true extent of their accomplishments in creating new buildings, governments, and communities.