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Course Syllabus for Around the World in Nine Weeks

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Course Syllabus

Schedule for Summer 2021

WeekDate of ChatTopic
1June 16Introduction to Geography •Biomes and Biospheres • Basic Map Skills • Antarctica
2June 23Tundra, Grasslands, Broadleaf forests • Areal and Satellite Data • North America
June 30 Dry Stepps, Rainforests • Natural Resource maps • South America
3July 7 Fourth Of July Holiday
4July 14Savanna, Rainforests, Deserts • Climate Charts • Africa
5July 21Semi-arid Deserts • Agriculture and Crops • Western Asia
6July 28Alpine, Montaine, and Monsoon Jungles • Static Data: Lists, Tables, Graphs • Eastern Asia and India
7August 4Mediterranean, Broadleaf, Montaine • Dynamic Data: Timelines and Historical Maps • Europe
8August 11The Oceans • Geological Activity • Australia
9August 18Interactions • Relationships • The Global World [Student Reports]