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Chat times for 2020-2021
Monday-Wednesday (Honors)/Friday (AP)
1:00-2:30p ET/10-11:30a PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Required and Optional Texts

Biology Textbooks and Materials

The following texts and materials are required for the 2020-2021 course year:

Individual lab PDF instructions will also be available from the Biology Moodle.

  • BK01A Biology Kit
    Robert B. and Barbara F. Thompson
    The Home Scientist, LLC

    Robert B Thompson has assembled several versions of the equipment and materials required to perform most of the experiments in his Illustrated Guide to Home Biology lab manual. The basic version (BK01A) contains most of the materials required to complete labs in this course, and is especially useful if you want to prepare for the AP exam. Students wishing to complete only the basic twelve labs required for credit may find it less expensive to buy only what they need for their selected labs; even so, the kit is remarkably complete and much more convenient than seeking out individual chemicals each week. Note May 2018: As of March, this company is under new management by Ben Siciliano. All kits are in stock and available for purchase.

    Your first homework assignment will be to familiarize yourself with all the course materials!

    You may order all texts through the Scholars Online Bookstore.