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Chapter 31: 5-9 Assignment

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Measuring Radiation for Safe Exposure and Medical Use


Reading Preparation

Text Reading: Giancoli, Physics - Principles with Applications, Chapter 31: Sections 5 to 9

Study Points

All of these methods highlight the fact that human vision is limited to a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and that while some substances may be opaque in that range, the same substances may be transparent to other parts of the spectrum, allowing us to see through walls...and soft tissue.

Key Equations

Units used in radiation measurements:

  • 1 Gray = 1 Joule/kg = 100 rad
  • effective dose in "rad equivalents for a man" or rem units = dose * RBE of particle
  • effective dose in Sv (sievert) units = dose in GY * RBE
  • 1 Sv = 100 rem

Web Lecture

Read the following weblecture before chat: Radioactive Tracers

Study Activity

Use the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission calculator to determine your personal annual radiation dose from all sources. How does this compare with safe levels of radiation exposure?

Chat Preparation Activities

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Lab Work

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