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2020-2021 Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus for Physics

2020-2021 Physics Syllabus: Homework, Reading Assignments, Discussion Topics, and Labs

This syllabus is subject to change but will be finalized by the start of classes on August 31, 2020.

Use the Links in the Homework column to find your textbook reading, study activity, and lab assignments. Check the Moodle for problems due for Monday and Wednesday chat session discussions. Homework is due on the date given, unless otherwise stated in the assignment.

1Aug 31, 2020HW011: 1-8Basic Methods of ObservationEqual Arm Balance/Density
2Sep 2, 2020HW02A2: 1-5Motion in One DimensionFalling Bodies 1
3Sep 7, 2020Labor Day Holiday
4Sep 9, 2020HW02B2: 6-8Constant AccelerationFalling Bodies 2
5Sep 14, 2020HW03A3: 1-4Vectors
6Sep 16, 2020HW03B3: 5-8Motion in Two DimensionsProjectiles Challenge
7Sep 21, 2020HW04A4: 1-4Forces: Newton's 1st and 2nd LawsForce Vectors: Force Table
8Sep 23, 2020HW04B4: 5-7Forces: Newton's Third LawIntertial vs. Gravitational Mass
9Sep 28, 2020HW04C4: 8Forces: applicationsForce Vectors: Inclined Planes #1 (Frictionless)
10Sep 30, 2020HW05A5: 1-3Uniform Circular Motion; GravityCentripetal Force
11Oct 5, 2020HW05B5: 4-7Gravitation and WeightlessnessPendulum 1
12Oct 7, 2020HW05C5: 8-10Kepler's lawsPendulum 2
13Oct 12, 2020HW06A6: 1-4Work and EnergyInclined Planes and Friction
14Oct 14, 2020HW06B6: 5-7Conservation and Non-Conservative ForcesSpring Constant
15Oct 19, 2020HW06C6: 8-10Conservation of EnergyAtwook's machine
16Oct 21, 2020HW07A7: 1-4MomentumCollision Kinematics 1
17Oct 26, 2020HW07B7: 5-10Elastic and Inelastic CollisionsCollision Kinematics 2
18Oct 28, 2020HW08A8: 1-3Angular Motion and accelerationTorsion Pendulum 1
19Nov 2, 2020HW08B8: 4-6Rotational DynamicsTorsion Pendulum 2
20Nov 4, 2020HW08C8: 7-9Rotational Kinetic energyRolling bodies (Galileo exp)
21Nov 9, 2020HW09A9: 1-4Static EquilibriumEquilibrium
22Nov 11, 2020HW09B9: 5-7Elasticity, Stress, and StrainStructural Integrity
23Nov 16, 2020ReviewReview of Classical Mechanics
24Nov 18, 2020HW10A10: 1-7Fluid Dynamics
25Nov 23, 2020HW10B10: 8-14Buoyancy and ViscosityBernoulli's Principle
26Nov 25, 2020HW11A11: 1-6Simple Harmonic MotionSpring Oscillation
27Nov 30, 2020HW11B11: 7-16Wave MotionStanding Waves
28Dec 2, 2020HW12A12: 1-9SoundSpeed of Sound
29Dec 7, 2020HW13A13: 1-5Thermal EquilibriumThermal Expansion
30Dec 9, 2020HW13B13: 6-13Ideal Gas LawGas Volumes
31Dec 14, 2020HW14A14: 1-4Specific HeatSpecific Heat
32Dec 16, 2020HW14B14: 5-8Heat TransferCalorimetry
Dec 21, 2020ChristmasNo Class
Dec 23, 2020ChristmasNo Class
Dec 28, 2020New YearsNo Class
Dec 30, 2020New YearsNo Class
33Jan 4, 2021HW15A15: 1-4Laws of ThermodynamicsAdiabatic Changes
34Jan 6, 2021HW15B15: 5-6Heat Engines and WorkJoule's Experiment
35Jan 11, 2021HW15C15: 7-12EntropyStatistical Implications
36Jan 13, 2021REVIEW
37Jan 18, 2021HW16A16: 1-6Electrical ChargeElectric Force
38Jan 20, 2021HW16B16: 7-12The Electric FieldElectroscope
39Jan 25, 2021HW17A17: 1-6Electric PotentialSimple Circuit 1: Series Circuits
40Jan 27, 2021HW17B17: 7-11Electrical Capacitance and EnergySimple Circuit 2: Parallel Circuits
41Feb 1, 2021HW18A18: 1-6Electrical Power and Direct Current
42Feb 3, 2021HW18B18: 7-10Alternating CurrentSimple Circuit 3: Kirchhoff's Rules/Electric Circuit 2
43Feb 8, 2021HW19A19: 1-4DC Circuits and EMFsInternal Resistance
44Feb 10, 2021
45Feb 15, 2021HW19B19: 5-8RC CircuitsCircuits with Capacitors
46Feb 17, 2021
47Feb 22, 2021HW20A20: 1-4Magnetic FieldsMap a Magnetic Field
48Feb 24, 2021HW20B20: 5-12Ampere's Law
49Mar 1, 2021HW21A21: 1-5InductionElectric Motor
50Mar 3, 2021HW21B21: 8-15Transformers and LRC Circuits
51Mar 8, 2021HW22A22: 1-7Electromagnetic Waves
52Mar 10, 2021HW23A23: 1-5Light and ReflectionSpeed of Light
53Mar 15, 2021HW23B23: 6-10Lenses and RefractionReflection
54Mar 17, 2021HW24A24: 1-5Light: Waves and ParticlesRefraction
55Mar 22, 2021HW24B24: 6-12Diffraction and PolarizationYoung's Experiment
56Mar 24, 2021HW25A25: 1-6Optical Instruments: MagnificationThin Film Interference
Mar 29, 2021Holy WeekNo Class
Mar 31, 2021Holy WeekNo Class
57Apr 5, 2021HW25B25: 7-12Optical Instruments: ResolutionTelescope
58Apr 7, 2021HW26A26: 1-5Special RelativityGPS Relativity
59Apr 12, 2021HW26B26: 6-11Mass and Energy
60Apr 14, 2021HW27A27: 1-6Early Quantum MechanicsCHALLENGE LAB: Black Body radiation
61Apr 19, 2021HW27B27: 7-13Wave-Partical DualitySpectrometry
62Apr 21, 2021HW28A28: 1-6Quantum Mechanics
63Apr 26, 2021HW28B28: 7-12Quantum NumbersDemonstration Lab: Photoelectric effect
64Apr 28, 2021HW29A29: AllMolecules and SolidsWave Nature of Light
65May 3, 2021HW30A30: 1-7Radioactivity
66May 5, 2021HW30B30: 8-13Decay and half-livesCHALLENGE LAB: Geiger Counter
67May 10, 2021HW31A31: 1-4Nuclear Fission and FusionCHALLENGE LAB: Hadron Collider Data
68May 12, 2021HW31B31: 5-9Practical uses for RadiationCHALLENGE LAB: Cloud Chamber
69May 17, 2021HW32A32: 1-7Elementary Particles
70May 19, 2021HW32B32: 8-12Strange Particles and Quarks
71May 24, 2021HW33A33: 1-10Astrophysics
72May 26, 2021REVIEW
May 31, 2021Memorial Day Holiday
73Jun 2, 2021Planning for Summer LAB completions