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Physics Honors/AP 1 and 2

Chapter 4: 8 Assignment

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Physics Chapter 4: 8 Force, Friction, and Inclined Planes


Reading Preparation

Text Reading: Giancoli, Physics - Principles with Applications, 4: 8

Study Points

Key Equations

Kinetic   Friction   F fr   =   μ k F N Static   Friction   F fr     μ s F N

Web Lecture

Read the following weblecture before chat: Friction on a flat surface

Study Activity

Take a look at Friction on a Ramp to get a sense of what is happening when we have a block on a incline with friction present.
  • Identify the graph lines with the force vectors (colors match). Note that the slope turns red when there is not enough static friction to keep the block at rest, where the magnitude of gravitational pull along the block equals the friction due to the normal force and coefficient of friction μ.
  • What is the smallest angle where the block slides if μ is 0.1? if it is 0.5? if it is 1.0?
  • Will the block slide if the angle is at extremes, 0° or 90°, with any value of μ

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Lab Work

If you want lab credit for this course, you must complete at least 12 labs (honors course) or 18 labs (AP students). One or more lab exercises are posted for each chapter as part of the homework assignment. We will be reviewing lab work at regular intervals, so do not get behind!