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Chemistry Honors/AP

Chapter 17: Sections 1-3

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WebLecture: Common Ions

Kotz and Triechel, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity Chapter 17: Sections 1-3.

Our main goal in this chapter is to understand and apply the principles of the common ion effect. This concept grows out of conservation of energy, and Le Chatelier's principal that when a system is in equilibrium, it will respond to a disturbance by attempting to return to equilibrium or establishing new equilibrium.

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If you find these study methods useful, visit the Chapter 17 resources at Cengage "Brain" companion site for our text. Click on the chapter dropdown and select Chapter 17 to use the flashcards and glossary.

Resources at CenGage Learning: MindTap and OWLv2

Use the MindTap reader version of the textbook to view videos and test your understanding with interactive checkpoints. Check OWLv2 for your homework problems.

Videos for Chapter 17: Principles of Chemical Reactivity: Other Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria

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AP #14 GUIDED INQUIRY — Creating an effective buffer solution — Phase I

Building on what you learned with Experiment #13, design a buffer solution with a target pH and buffer capacity by selecting appropriate conjugate-acid base pairs.