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Chemistry Honors/AP

Chapter 6: 4-5

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WebLecture: Electrons and Waves

Kotz and Triechel, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity Chapter 6: Section 4-5.

6.4 DeBroglie's equation, wavelength = h/p = h/mv, links the wave and particle properties of an object with mass m traveling at velocity v.

6.5 Heisenberg's undertainty principle shows that we cannot know both the location and velocity of a an electron. Shrodinger's wave equation can tell us the probability that an electron with specific characteristics lies within a given volume of space, but it can't tell us where in the space the electron is. The characteristics are defined by the four quantum numbers, n (energy level), l (angular momentum), m (magnetic orientation), and s (spin).

Videos for Chapter 6: The Structure of Atoms

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LAB #4 GUIDED INQUIRY: Measuring reaction rates for photosensitive reactions -- Phase II

Carry out the iodine-oxalate reaction and use your standard set of concentrations to estimate reaction concentration levels at regular intervals. Record concentrations and note when your reaction reaches equilibrium.