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Chemistry Honors/AP

Chapter 2:1-4

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Atomic Particles, Mass, Weight, and Isotopes

Chapter 2: 1-4 Homework

Reading Preparation

Textbook assignment: ReadKotz and Triechel, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity Chapter 2: Sections 1-4.

Study Notes

Important Formulae and Notation

Concept Formulae or Notation Explanation
Element Representation X Z A X: Element Symbol
A: Mass number (protons+neutrons)
Z: Atomic Number (protons)
Percent Abundance Percent   abundance   =   # atoms   of   specific   isotope   in   sample # atoms   of   all   isotopes   of   element   in   sample     100 % Sum of all atoms is determined from mass and atomic weight
Atomic Weight Atomic   Weight   =   % abundance   of   isotope i 100     Mass   of   Iso tope i isotopei: each individual isotope from i=1 to total number of isotopes present in sample

Web Lecture

You have two weblectures for this section, since some historical background is useful in understanding the observations and experimental evidence that led to our current understanding of atomic structure.

Read the following weblectures before chat: Atoms and Isotopes AND A History of Chemistry before the Curies (Optional: some of this information has also been incorporated into other weblectures)

Study Activity

Videos for Chapter 2

Our textbook publisher has a video website at Thinkwell Video Lessons

Chat Preparation Activities

Chapter Quiz

Lab Work

Please read through the chapters on equipping your home lab and safely storing chemicals in Illustrated Guide to Hom Chemistry Experiments, chapters 3 and 4. We will discuss lab safety in the AP/lab chat. You should be acquiring the chemicals for this year's labs and be ready to start developing and demonstrating lab skills and safe lab practices.