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Chemical History of the Candle

Lab Assignment 8: Design Your Own Lab

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LAB: Designing an Experiment

Students taking Scholars Online AP Chemistry in the fall should consult with the instructor for additional AP lab instructions to use for this experiment.

Goal: Identify your goal in carrying out the experiment.


List all the equipment and materials you required to carry out your experiment.


List the steps you planned to follow when you designed your experiment. Then note any steps you had to modify or rearrange to achieve your goal when you actually performed the experiment.

Your FIRST STEP: Be sure to check with the adult who is supervising your lab work. Go over your proposed procedure for safety (reread the safety procedures, if necessary!), and get permission to use any the materials you will need.

Data Analysis

Present your data in an organized way and show the relationships you discovered graphically, if possible. You may use a spreadsheet to draw any charts or graphs you think are useful.


Write up your report and post it to our Moodle Forum by noon the day before our last chat session so that your fellow classmates can review your work and prepare for our discussion.