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Chemical History of the Candle

Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus for CANDLE


This course meets Tuesday mornings for 90 minutes. There is no class meeting July 2 (the week of July 4).

Chat Session DateTopicLecture NotesLab Instructions
June 11 Introduction to Chemistry
Scientific Methodology, Units, Measurements -- and the Faraday Lectures
Introduction Writing Lab Reports
June 18 Lecture I: Sources of the Flame
Chemical Composition and Rates of Reactions
Lecture I Notes Candle Flame
June 25 Lecture II: Brightness of the Flame
Reaction types, Reactants and Products, Chemical Equations
Lecture II Notes Resources for Combustion
July 2 No Class SessionNo LectureNo Lab
July 9 Lecture III: Products - Water from Combustion
Vapor Pressure and Colloidal Properties
Lecture III Notes Products of Combustion
July 16 Lecture IV: Hydrogen in the Candle
Gas Properties, Element Masses, and Electrolysis
Lecture IV Notes Composition of Water
July 23 Lecture V: The Nature of the Atmosphere
Gas Masses and Volumes and Chemical Analysis
Lecture V Notes Carbon Dioxide
July 30 Lecture VI: Respiration and Its Analogy to a Burning Candle
Organic Chemistry, Acids and Bases
Lecture VI Notes Acids, Bases, and Metals
August 6 Review:
Chemical Concepts and the Scientific Method
Designing Your Lab Original Lab and Report