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Chemical History of the Candle

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Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Required Texts

Required Textbooks on the Chemical History of the Candle

Advanced students expecting to take the Scholars Online Honors/AP Chemistry course and who desire to complete lab work required for that course as part of this summer session should acquire the textbook, laboratory, and equipment requirements for that course in order to take advantage of the opportunity to perform some of the experiments as part of this course.

Students who do not expect to take Honors/AP Chemistry in the fall need only acquire Faraday's text at this time.


The Chemical History of the Candle, Michael Faraday.

Since the content is no longer under copyright, you will find several different editions. Any one of the following is acceptable for this course, since the entire set of lectures is included. [We will use a separate set of lab instructions, adapted to use materials and equipment readily available for independent instruction.]

Cherokee Publishing Company, December 1978 — In print — ISBN: 0877972095
This edition includes contemporary illustrations of the equipment Faraday used.
Echo Library, October 2008 — In print — ISBN: 140687535X
As far as I have been able to determine, this edition contains the text only.
Chicago Review Press, October 1988 — Out of Print — ISBN: 1556520352
This edition also includes 22 experiments with the six lectures. If you can find this used for a reasonable price, I would recommend it.
The Book Page will let you read the text online, based on the Harvard Classics 1909 edition. The site includes copies of the figures.
Fordham University Text Library. A single HTML page containing all the lectures, with no illustrations.