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Writing the Research Paper

Chat times for Summer 2022
9:30a-10:50 ET/6:30a-7:50a PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Taking the Writing the Research Paper Course

1. What should a student know before taking this course?

You should be comfortable using a computer browser. All of our online work will be done either in chat or in the Scholars Online Moodle, using FireFox or Safari.

You should be able to use Microsoft Word, Libre Office, Mac Pages, or a similar word processor to create files and export them in PDF format. We will use this common format to share work among the students.

2. What level of writing skills is required?

This is not a grammar course. You should be able to write coherent sentences and organize paragraphs, avoid simple spelling and common word misuse problems, and understand how to proofread and correct your own drafts. We will cover bibliography formats and common report formats during the course.

3. How much preparation time is necessary?

About two hours per week is necessary to write week's assignment. Additional time for research is required, but how much will depend on the student's choice of research topic and level of interest. There are no exams.

4. What kind of grade will I get?

This is an ungraded summer enrichment course. If you require a grade or credit for your work, contact the instructor. You may be required to do extra projects for academic credit.