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Physics Honors/AP 1 and 2

Goal: Build a working Cloud Chamber to detect collision events

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Cloud Chamber

Advanced Particle Physics lab

Goal: Detect and measure radiation
Materials and Procedure
  1. You will need dry ice for this experiment. This can sometimes be purchased at party supply stores in small enough quantities for this experiment. Use all recommended safety precautions in handling this material!
  2. Download the PDF and follow the instructions from the CERN Cloud Chamber Workshop: How to Build Your Own Cloud Chamber at Home.
  3. Use the chamber to detect events, events in the presence of magnets, events despite metal sheets as barriers.
Data Handling
  1. This will depend on your instrumentation.
  1. Standard stuff: You should explain enough that someone else can repeeat your experiment to verify your results.

Post your report to the Lab thread at the Moodle.