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Physics Honors/AP 1 and 2

Chapter 15: 1-4 Assignment

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Physics 15: 1-4 The Laws of Thermodynamics


Reading Preparation

Text Reading: Giancoli, Physics - Principles with Applications, Chapter 15: Sections 1 to 4.

Study Points

Key Equations

  • First Law of Thermodynamics Δ KE   + Δ PE   + Δ U   =   Q     W
  • Work done in Volume Changes W   =   Fd   =   PA     d   =   P     Δ V

Web Lecture

Read the following weblecture before chat: Systems

Study Activity

Depending on your browser settings, clicking on the link below will either cause the Java application to download so that you can run it locally, or start the application in the browser.

Energy and Reversible Reactions: Experiment with different numbers of molecules in each chamber, and different heat settings.

Reversible Reactions
Click to Run

Physics simulation Java Applets are the product of the PHET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Optional Websites: Heat, Work, and the First Law of Thermodynamics gives a brief introduction to the research into energy inspired by the demands of the industrial revolution.

Chat Preparation Activities

Chapter Quiz

Lab Work

If you want lab credit for this course, you must complete at least 12 labs (honors course) or 18 labs (AP students). One or more lab exercises are posted for each chapter as part of the homework assignment. We will be reviewing lab work at regular intervals, so do not get behind!