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Review of Unit Materials

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Review of Unit Materials

Unit Exams after chapters 5, 9, 13, 19, and 24

Reading Preparation

Review all chapters covered by the Unit Exam.

Important Formulae

You will be allowed a single 8.5" x 11" reference sheet for each unit exam. Prepare this sheet by writing down any important formulae covered in the chapters under review, and any other notes you wish, including term definitions, example problems, examples of calculations you find difficult, and notes on lab techniques. You may put anything you like on this sheet. You will not be able to use it during the multiple choice section of the exam, but you will be able to use it during the problem section and any lab questions asked.

Web Lecture

Review all weblectures covering material for the unit exam, and write down any questions you have to bring to chat.

Study Activity

Review videos and study activities on any areas where you are less confident of the material.

Chat Preparation Activities

Unit Examination

Lab Work

Review lab work discussed in chat and data analysis techniques. Bring to the Review sessions any questions you have on specific lab skills, concepts, or results.