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Chemistry 22: 1-10

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Transition Group Elements

Chapter 22: All

Reading Preparation

Textbook assignment: Read Kotz and Triechel, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity Chapter 22: All

Study Notes

Read the following weblecture before chat: Transition Elements and their Characteristics

Study Activity

Videos for Chapter 22: Principles of Chemical Reactivity: Transition Group Elements

Review the Videos at Thinkwell Video Lessons.

    • An Introduction to Metals
      • Metallurgical Processes
    • Examining Transition Metals
      • Properties of Transition Metals
    • Coordination Compounds
      • Complexes and Ligands
      • Naming Coordination Compounds
      • Structures of Coordination Compounds and Isomers
    • Coordination Compounds
      • Color and Transition Metals
      • Ligand Field Theory

Chat Preparation Activities

Chapter Quiz

(Aligns to) AP LAB #18 GUIDED INQUIRY — — GUIDED INQUIRY — Titration quantitative analysis methods — Phase I

Choose two different common household chemicals such as a food juice, vinegar, or cleaning solution. Select an appropriate method to measure the expected pH range, and design a procedure to analyze of the acidity of your items, (e.g., using titration acid-base or redox methods). Resources: