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Chemistry Honors/AP

Chapter 19: Sections 1-3

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Kotz and Triechel, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity Chapter 19: Sections 1-3.

Companion Website

If you find these study methods useful, visit the Chapter 19 resources at Cengage "Brain" companion site for our text. Click on the chapter dropdown and select Chapter 19 to use the flashcards and glossary.

Resources at CenGage Learning: MindTap and OWLv2

Use the MindTap reader version of the textbook to view videos and test your understanding with interactive checkpoints. Check OWLv2 for your homework problems.

Videos for Chapter 19: Principles of Chemical Reactivity: Entropy and Free Energy

Review the Videos at Thinkwell Video Lessons.

Homework problems: See your Moodle assignment!

AP LAB #16 GUIDED INQUIRY — — Building an Electrochemical cell — Phase I

Identify target battery cell criteria, then design a chemical (wet) battery cells, noting all materials required. You will build the cell and calibrate its output in the next phase, then use your batteries (or commercial batteries) to observe the results of electrolysis on common molecules and rank results.