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Chemistry Honors/AP

Chapter 10: 1-3

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WebLecture: The Ideal Gas Law

Kotz and Triechel, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity Chapter 10: 1-3


1 Pa = 1 newton/meter2

1 atm = 760 mmHg = 101.325 kPa

Boyle's Law: PV = C

Charles's Law: V = CT

Avogadro's Law: V = nC

Combind gas law: P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2

Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT

Videos for Chapter 10: Gases and their Properties

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AP #8 GUIDED INQUIRY — Measuring the deviation of real gases from the ideal gas law — Phase I

Devise a way to determine how the volume of a gas changes when pressure or temperature changes, while holding other factors (including amount of gas) constant. You will use your data to predict pressure outcomes with both volume and temperature change, and determine pressure and volume as temperature approaches absolute zero. Your procedure should include both data collection, analysis for prediction, and test runs to see if your predictions are accurate.