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Chemistry Honors/AP

Chapter 8: 1-3

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WebLecture: Chemical Bonding and Ionic Bonds

Kotz and Triechel, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity Chapter 8: Sections 1-3.

Videos for Chapter 8: Chemical Bonds and Molecular Geometry

Review the Videos at Thinkwell Video Lessons.

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LAB #6 GUIDED INQUIRY: Using qualitative methods to differentiate covalent and ionic bonds. -- Phase I

How are these atoms bonded together?

Using the resources below to explore your options, design an experiment to observe solid compounds and predict bond types for components, then identify appropriate qualitative and quantitative tests, building on techniques developed in Lab #4, and use these to collect any further data needed to deduce the type of bonding in a sample of a solid. You will need to interpret your data terms of the relative strength of interactions among and between the components. List your equipment and materials, and outline your process and the data you will collect.