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Chemistry Honors/AP

Chapter 4: 6-8

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pH and Titration Analysis

Chapter 4: 6-8 Homework

Reading Preparation

Textbook assignment: Read Kotz and Triechel, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity Chapter 4: Sections 6 to 8.

Study Notes

4.6 pH. If you don't remember how to use logarithms and exponents, review Appendix A, section 1 of the text. The pH notation is simply a shorthand way to write the exponent of the concentration of the the H+ molecule in a solution.

4.7 Reactions in Aqueous Solution. Are there any serious differences between determining masses from moles or moles from masses for aqueous solutions and for non-aqueous solutions? Be sure that you understand the point of doing titrations, and the functions of indicators in determining a solution concentration.

4.8 Spectrophotometry. Light is the energy emited by electrons as they jump between orbitals or energy levels within an atom or molecule. Light absorption, then, is a measure of the number of electrons available to grab light as it passes through a solution, so we can use absorption, color, and path length (penetration into a solution) to measure the concentration of a solution precisely.

pH from Concentration pH   =   log   [ H 3 O + ]   [H3O+]: Concentration of hydronium ion (molarity)
Concentration from pH [ H 3 O + ]   =   10 pH
Beer-Lambert law A   =   ϵ     l     c A: Absorbance
ε: molar absorptivity for substance at given temperature and wavelength
l: path length
c: concentration (molarity)

Web Lecture

Read the following weblecture before chat: Chemical Analysis: Measuring Concentrations

Study Activity

Videos for Chapter 4: Chemical Equations

Review the Videos at Thinkwell Video Lessons under ACIDS and BASES / REACTIONS IN AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS

  • Arrhenius/Bronsted-Lowry Definitions of Acids and Bases
  • Hydronium, Hydroxide, and the pH Scale
  • Acid-Base Titrations

Chat Preparation Activities

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