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Unit III: The Renaissance

Week 8

Please read:

Historical background, pp. 159-165.

Sir Thomas Wyatt:

A fairly complete selection of Wyatt's poetry is available at the Luminarium site, as well as some biographical information.

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey:

Two translations from Petrarch:

The Luminarium site also has a fairly complete selection of Surrey’s poetry, as well as some biographical information. Latin students (or Western Lit to Dante students) may wish to see what he has done with Bk. II of Vergil's Aeneid.

Consider as you read:

Since this is our first occasion to deal with text that is not translated, I would like to take the opportunity to explore what “close reading” is really about. See how much you can wring out of these poems by looking at them closely. Then, when you have had a chance to read these poems and think about them a bit, have a look at my own close reading of the two translations. It was not written for a high school audience in particular, and contains some words you might not know, but it should not offer any difficulties you can't crack with a dictionary.

Please take the background quiz for Unit III.