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Natural Science - Year II

Unit 65: Summing it all up

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History Weblecture for Unit 65

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Unit 65: Review of Historical Figures

Figures in the History of Science (Semester II)

You should be able to recognize each of the people listed below and identify his or her contribution to our understanding of how nature works.

  1. Otto von Guericke
  2. Stephen Grey
  3. Charles Dufay
  4. Benjamin Franklin
  5. Guigi Galvani
  6. Allesandro Volta
  7. Friedrich Schelling
  8. Hans Christian Oersted
  9. Andre-Marie Ampere
  10. Georg Simon Ohm
  11. Michael Faraday
  12. James Clerk Maxwell
  13. Wilhelm Roentgen
  14. Pierre and Marie Curie
  15. JJ Thomson
  16. Ernst Rutherford
  17. Niels Bohr
  18. Albert Michelson and Edward Morley
  19. Hendrik Lorentz and George FitzGerald
  20. Albert Einstein
  21. John Audobon
  22. John Muir
  23. Rachel Carson
  24. Jan Baptista van Helmont
  25. Jan Ingenhousz
  26. Julius von Sachs and Theodor Englemann
  27. Melvin Calvin
  28. Hans Krebs
  29. George Beadle and Edward Tatem
  30. Alfred Hershey and Margaret Chase
  31. Francis Crick and James Watson
  32. William, Caroline, and John Herschel
  33. Joseph von Fraunhofer
  34. Annie Canon
  35. Cecilia Payne
  36. Heber Curtis
  37. Harlow Shapley
  38. Henrietta Leavitt
  39. Edwin Hubble
  40. Heinric Wilhelm Oblers
  41. George Gamow
  42. Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson
  43. Stephen Hawking