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Natural Science - Year II

Unit 60: Crick, Watson, and DNA

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History Weblecture for Unit 60

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History Lecture for Unit 60: Unravelling the Structure of DNA

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The Discovery of DNA

The story of the discovery of DNA is one of the great tales of the human scientific endeavor. For a century, many people experimented, published, and debated the original and structure of the chemicals which control inheritance of particular characteristics and the functions of the cell.

We are going to use a couple of websites; the first is a high school biology class timeline, and the second is a short history of biology section for a junior college course. Be sure to study the diagrams and pictures in the second.

Biochemistry Timeline

DNA History of Discovery

  • Identify the discovery of each of the following people, and be able to show how it contributed to the eventual understanding of the function and structure of DNA:
  • 1860s: Friedrich Meischer
  • 1908: Archibald Garrod
  • 1928: Frederick Griffith
  • 1940s: Beadle and Tatum
  • 1944: Avery, MacLeod, McCarty
  • 1952: Hershey and Chase
  • 1953: Rosalind Franklin and MHF Wilkins
  • 1953: Francis Crick and James Watson

Study/Discussion Questions:

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