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Natural Science - Year II

Unit 60: Crick, Watson, and DNA

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Homework for Unit 60

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Homework for Unit 60: DNA

Reading due before our discussion:

History Web Lecture: Crick and Watson

Science Web Lecture: DNA Structure


Chat Preparation Essay

Log into the Moodle, click on the Natural Science II course link, and then on the forum link in session 29, Unit 60. Post your response to the forum and read any other posts.

How does genetic material encode "information" that one cell can pass to its daughter cells? What happens if a mistake occurs during the DNA replication process that changes the sequence of nucleotides in one place (be as specific as possible!).

Mastery Exercise

Log into the Moodle (if you are challenged, use your own Scholars Online userid and password), click on the master exercise for the unit, and attempt the mastery exercise at least once before chat. Bring any questions you have to chat. Then return and attempt the exercise as many times as necessary to achieve an 85% or better score.

Lab Exercise

Lab Instructions: Complete the DNA Analysis lab.

Labs are within two weeks of the discussion section; the extra time should allow you to find equipment or materials. Post your lab results to the class Lab forum, in the appropriate thread.

Unit Quiz

Take the quiz for this unit. Notice the times the quiz opens and when it closes and be sure that you complete it on time! [Remember that you must first complete the Mastery Exercise with a score of 85% or better in order to take the quiz.]