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Natural Science - Year II

Unit 34: Welcome to Natural Science Year Two

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Homework Assignment for Unit 34

This Unit's Homework Page History Lecture Science Lecture Lab Parents' Notes

Course Basics: Assignments

Here is a checklist of tasks for each unit. Some units may have specical reports or Moodle Lessons in place of the essay or worksheet. You may want to copy off this checklist for use with each unit.

  • To prepare for the next chat session:
    1. ____Check the homework page on the course content site for the history weblecture, science weblecture, mastery exercise, special assignments, lab work, and optional web reading
    2. ____Read the history web lecture, including the linked off-site materials, making notes for review and listing questions to ask in chat
    3. ____Read the science web lecture, including the linked off-site materials, making notes for review and listing questions to ask in chat
    4. ____Attempt the mastery exercises for the unit at least once all the way through, noting any questions that stump you.
    5. ____Write your answer to the essay topic assigned in the forum
    6. ____Study the lab assignment and make note of any questions you have on performing the lab; be sure to ask these in chat or email the instructor
    7. ____Attend chat and ask your questions, defend your forum essay, and participate in the discussion
  • After the chat session:
    1. ____Complete the mastery exercises and achieve 85% or better
    2. ____Take the Moodle Unit Quiz: note these have limited availability dates and plan accordingly!
    3. ____Perform the assigned lab, analyze your data, and post your lab report by the due date

Homework for Unit 34: Previously in Natural Science....

Read before our discussion section:

History Web Lecture: Studying for NatSci Chat Sessions ... and History Review

Science Web Lecture: Doing Homework ... Science Review


Chat Preparation Essay

For most units, I will ask you to post a part of your homework assignment to the week's forum at the Moodle, so that we can discuss your answers in class. These must be posted before chat starts, obviously. For our first chat session, which is on this unit (unit 0), post your essay answer to the topic below to the Moodle Unit 0 Forum before chat. Log into the Moodle (if you are challenged, use your own Scholars Online userid and password), click on the Natural Science course link, and then on the forum link in session 1, Unit 0. Read any other posted entries from your peers.

Write a short introduction to yourself. Tell us something about where you live, and what your interests are. Include in your description one specific historical event and one specific scientific concept you hope to learn about in this course.

Mastery Exercise

Log into the Moodle (if you are challenged, use your own Scholars Online userid and password), click on the master exercise for the unit, and attempt the mastery exercise at least once before chat. Bring any questions you have to chat. Then return and attempt the exercise as many times as necessary to achieve an 85% or better score.


(due 1 day after our discussion session on this material)

  • Select two people on the list in the history web lecture and add a short note on their contributions to science to the Biographies of Science Glossary at the top of the Natural Sciences Year 2 Moodle Page.
    • Click on the Biographies of Scientists link.
    • Click on "Add a new Entry"
    • In the "Concept" field, enter the person's name and dates.
    • In the large text field, enter your description of the person's life and work. You should have a few sentences of your own summarizing the scientist's accomplisments, but you can also refer to longer articles available on the web (providing they follow our own Moodle policy for content).
    • Select the area in which the accomplishment was made (you may select more than one if appropriate by holding down the CTL or Command Key).
    • Add any keywords you would like to be able to use to search for similar scientists. These should not be the same as the category.
    • Leave Autolinking turned off.
    • Click "Save Changes" to add your entry to the Glossary.
    Do not add a second entry for someone already listed by another student. We will continue to add to this list through the year so that you will have a resource from which to study for exams. Faraday (admittedly not on your list of people from last year) is already done for you.
  • We will also be using a wiki to collect science concepts as well.

Lab Exercise

Lab Instructions: Representing data in tables and graphs..

Labs are within two weeks of the discussion section; the extra time should allow you to find equipment or materials. Post your lab results to the class Lab forum, in the appropriate thread.

Unit Quiz

Take the quiz for this unit. Notice the times the quiz opens and when it closes and be sure that you complete it on time! [Remember that you must first complete the Mastery Exercise with a score of 85% or better in order to take the quiz.]