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Natural Science - Year I

Unit 35: Francis Bacon and Nature

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Homework Assignment for Unit 35

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Homework for Unit 35: Francis Bacon and the Concept of Natures

Reading due before our discussion:

History Web Lecture: Francis Bacon and the New Science

Science Web Lecture: The Voyages of Discovery and the age of Empiricism


Chat Preparation Essay

Post your essay answer to the questions below to the Moodle Unit 35 Forum before chat. Log into the Moodle (if you are challenged, use your own Scholars Online userid and password), click on the Natural Science course link, and then on the forum link for this unit. Read any other forum postings.

What are appropriate and inappropriate ways to use scientific methods to investigate nature?


Instead of uploading a worksheet, you'll enter your answers into a Moodle Exercise. It looks like a quiz, but it is different in several ways:

Lab Exercise

Lab Instructions: Observation, Induction, and Deduction.

Unit Quiz

Take the quiz for this unit. Notice the times the quiz opens and when it closes and be sure that you complete it on time!