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Natural Science - Year I

Unit 25: The Microscope and Cells

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History Weblecture for Unit 25

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History Lecture for Unit 25:
The History of the Microscope

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Lecture outline:

The Development of the Microscope

We've looked at methods of identifying scientific information and organizing it as part of the divisio scientiarum. We've discussed how changes in artistic conventions and perspective developed into new ways to document scientific observations and present information for education and reference. Now we turn to the development of an instrument that would prove useful for biology in particular by extending the range of possible observations to the very, very small.

Several years ago, The History of the Light Microscope disappeared from the web. Now, through the magic of the Wayback machine, you can recover and read this very good description of the History of the Light Microscope

[6 pages total, with graphics.]


Please read all six chapters carefully, and make notes of anything you do not understand. Because of the length of this weblecture, no other reading is required for this history portion of this unit.

Study/Discussion Questions:

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