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Natural Science - Year I

Unit 22: Frog Dissection

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Lab: Dissection of a Frog (or other Specimen)

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Natural Science Unit 22 Laboratory Activity: Dissection

Goal: to discover the structures of an organism using dissection techniques.

Materials and Equipment:

  1. You can purchase commercial earthworms for dissection from Home Science Tools (Earthworm plain specimens page), or you can capture earthworms after a rainy spell from your garden.
  2. Follow the instructions given at Biology Junction's Dissecting an earthworm site or use William Berman's excellent book, How to Dissect.



  1. goal for observation or hypothesis to be tested,
  2. equipment and materials
  3. enough details about the procedure to allow someone else to verify your results,
  4. data and description of observations
  5. conclusions.