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Natural Science - Year I

Unit 16: Analyzing History, Describing Scientific Theories

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Homework Assignment for Unit 16

This Unit's Homework Page History Lecture Science Lecture Lab Parents' Notes

Homework for Unit16: Writing about Science


History Web Lecture: History Topics to Review

Science Web Lecture: Science Topics to Review

Lab: Read the lab section on scientific methodology, even if you are not doing the work for lab credit.


Chat Preparation Essay

Post your essay answer to the questions below to the Moodle Unit 16 Forum before chat. Log into the Moodle (if you are challenged, use your own Scholars Online userid and password), click on the Natural Science course link, and then on the forum link for this unit. Read any other forum postings.


  1. Write the history question you would like to see on the exam. Try to ask something that will invite you to explain how some major topic of science or nature was addressed by philosophers from different periods or cultures over the time period (pre-history to the early Roman Empire) covered by this semester.


  2. Write the science question you would like to see on the exam. Try to ask something that will invite you to explain how we currently explain one or more of the areas of science we covered this year (matter, celestial motions, living organisms).

Post your history and science questions to the Moodle Essay page before class!

Mastery Exercise

There is no new Mastery Exercise for this review unit. Complete any Mastery Exercises for which you did not achieve a passing grade (85%), and redo any Mastery Exercises for Units where you want to review the material.

Lab Exercise

There is no new lab exercise for this Unit. Complete and submit reports for any outstanding labs.

Unit Quiz

There is no new unit Quiz for this Unit. Be prepared to complete any missed unit quizzes during the Grace period.