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Natural Science - Year I

Unit 15 Lab: Forces in Equilibrium

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Lab Assignment for Unit 15

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Natural Science Unit 15 Laboratory Activity: Engineering

Goal: To get some practical experience by creating a structure that resists weight.

Materials and Equipment:

  1. Copy paper (8.5" by 11"); as many sheets as you need
  2. 1 pound mass (I use a chocolate bar).



  1. Describe your structure. If possible, draw a diagram or take a photograph of it. Include sufficient detail that mycroft can rebuild your structure using similar materials.
  2. Identify the forces acting on two different points in your structure, one in the base and one at the surface between the structure and your weight. Determine whether each force that you identify would cause rotational or translational motion. Show how each force is counteracted by one or more forces to keep the structure stable.