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Natural Science - Year I

Unit 3: Conditions for Doing Science and Weather

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Homework Assignment for Unit 3

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Homework for Unit 3: Science in Prehistoric Times and the Weather


Reading due before our discussion:

History Web Lecture: Science in Prehistoric Times

Science Web Lecture: Observing the weather: Humidity, Precipitation, and Violent Weather


Chat Preparation Essay

Post your essay answer to the questions below to the Moodle Unit 3 Forum before chat. Log into the Moodle (if you are challenged, use your own Scholars Online userid and password), click on the Natural Science course link, and then on the forum link in Unit 3. Read any other postings by your fellow students.

Write a short essay, answering the question: Was science possible in prehistoric cultures? You may answer the question either Yes or No, but be sure that you defend your position, and if necessary, define what you mean by science. I am more interested in your reasoning than in your choosing a "right" answer.

Remember that a single sentence is not an essay! Write an introduction that contains a thesis statement. This is the main idea you want to discuss in your essay. Explain any terms you need to use. Give two or three good examples. Write a conclusion that shows how your examples support your main idea (don't just say that your examples prove your point). This should take you at least three paragraphs, each with several sentences.

Mastery Exercise and Cloud Recognition Lesson

Log into the Moodle (if you are challenged, use your own Scholars Online userid and password).

Cloud Lesson: Click on the Cloud Recognition lesson and complete the lesson.

Mastery exercise: Click on the mastery exercise for the unit, and attempt the mastery exercise at least once before chat.

Bring any questions you have to chat. Then return and attempt the exercise as many times as necessary to achieve an 85% or better score.

Lab Exercise

Lab Instructions: Relative Humidity

Labs are within two weeks of the discussion section; the extra time should allow you to find equipment or materials. Post your lab results to the class Lab forum, in the appropriate thread.

Unit Quiz

Take the quiz for this unit. Notice the times the quiz opens and when it closes and be sure that you complete it on time!