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Natural Science - Year I

Unit 2: Observing the Weather.

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Lab Assignment for Unit 2

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Natural Science Unit 2 Laboratory Activity:
Weather Observations

Goal: To examine weather phenomena, determine what to measure, and plan a valid scientific weather experiment.

Materials and Equipment:


You should do this activity AFTER you complete the web reading. Note that it takes 7 days to do all the observations, so plan ahead!

  1. Determine a set of observations to make about the weather. These could include cloud type, precipitation, wind speed and direction, temperature,humidity, and/or barometer readings. Use good experimental design! What observations can you make that are repeatable?
  2. Using only equipment you already have available, decide how you are going to get the information for your observations. You may not use local weather services for this activity: you need to make direct observations. You should not go out and buy a home weather station, either!
  3. Make your observations for five consecutive days and record any data you feel is useful.

Data Analysis:

  1. Organize your data, and predict the weather for the next two days on the basis of your data and what you have learned from the web site.
  2. Complete your observations of the weather for the final two days.


  1. Review the example lab report in the Student Survival Guide. Prepare your report. It should include:
    1. A list of your equipment, including instructions on how to make any equipment that you built yourself.
    2. An outline of the procedures that you used to make measurements or observations, in enough detail that another student could duplicate your observations.
    3. A data table, listing your observations by day and time for each type of weather activity that you observed.
    4. Your predictions for the last two days of your observing period, made at the end of the 5th day.
    5. An evaluation of the accuracy of your predictions.
    6. Suggestions for improving your observations and ability to predict weather patterns in your location.