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Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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The Basics of HTML

This course introduces the elements of HTML webpage design with an emphasis mastering the fundamental concepts and techniques, independent of the tools used to actually produce a web page. Students will learn how HTML tags control page layout, fonts, links, lists, and tables. We will build a simple form to collect information, write client-side javascript supporting interactive funtions, and experiment with cascading style sheets to change the "look and feel" of our entire website. We will discuss site design and usability, and explore internet resources in these topics. By mastering the fundamentals of HTML and principles of good website design, students will be better equipped to use more sophisticated tools such as FrontPage and DreamWeaver, or to build better pages on automated websites and blogs.

Students will select a topic or theme for their website, creating the basic pages during hands-on guided exercises in chat, and each week add new features to their site as part of homework assignments. The resulting pages will be uploaded to the Moodle for hosting and review by the teacher and peers.

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Prerequisite: No formal courses are required. Students should be comfortable with using a word editor like MS Notepad or Mac TextEdit to create ASCII text files. Since this is a course in fundamentals, no WYSIWYG website editors will be used to generate content. Parents and teachers who wish to learn how to build simple websites for personal use are also welcome in this course.

Required Texts:

No text is required for this course.


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