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Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Lab Permission Letter

We have tried to design lab experiences which will be safe for your student to perform. However, in order to provide useful experiences, students may need to use sharp tools, heating sources, or chemicals which may cause injury or illness if not handled carefully and responsibly. Since we cannot oversee their lab work personally, we require that you provide adequate supervision for your own children when they perform any experiments for our courses.

Please read the safety procedures document FIRST. Then print off this permission statement, fill it out and sign it, and send it by United States mail to

Christe McMenomy, Ph. D.

2718 162nd Avenue S. E.

Bellevue, WA 98008

I certify that both I and ___________________________________,

a student in the Scholars Online course __________________ for the year ________________

have read the general safety procedures for performing lab experiments. I understand that some risks are involved in the various lab activities, and that Scholars Online cannot accept responsibility for lab activities when personnel cannot be onsite to supervise the student. I will review the lab instructions with my student for each lab and provide adequate supervision for the performance of any labs undertaken as part of this course.

Parent's name (please print) __________________________________________

Parent's signature: __________________________________________________

Date: _____________________