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Chapter 23: 1-6

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Biology Homework Chapter 23: The Circulation System


Reading Preparation

Textbook assignment: Chapter 23: Circulation, sections 1-6.

Study Notes

Web Lecture

Read the following weblecture before chat: The Heart

Take notes on any questions you have, and be prepared to discuss the lecture in chat.

Study Activity

Perform the study activity below:

Work through the BioCoach activity Cardiovascular System I: The Beating Heart. Be sure that you can

  • identify the chambers of the heart, and the direction of the flow of blood through them.
  • explain the sequence of contractions that moves the blood into the chamber.
  • identify the electrical signals from the sinoatrial node the trigger contractions.
  • locate the valves which must open and close in sequence to prevent backflow.

Chat Preparation Activities

Chapter Quiz

Written work for discussion in class: See Moodle Assignments.

Lab Exercise: Circulation in Goldfish