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Course Syllabus for Astronomy

Astronomy Syllabus: Homework, Reading Assignments, Discussion Topics, and Labs

Use the Links in the Homework column to find your homework assignment. Homework is usually due on the date given, unless otherwise stated in the assignment.

1Sep 1, 2020HW00Introduction to Course: Methods and online ResourcesLab Reports
2Sep 8, 2020HW011.1-8Astronomy and the UniverseObserving Techniques
3Sep 15, 2020HW02A2.1-4Knowing the HeavensObserving Constellations
4Sep 22, 2020HW02B2.5-8Finding your way around the yearObserving Using Coordinate Systems
5Sep 29, 2020HW033.1-6Eclipses and the Motion of the MoonObserving the Moon
6Oct 6, 2020HW04A4.1-4GravitationPlanetary Orbits
7Oct 13, 2020HW04B4.5-8Derivation of Kepler's LawsDetermining the Mass of Jupiter
8Oct 20, 2020HW05A5:1-4The Wave Nature of LightSpectroscopy
9Oct 27, 2020HW05B5.5-9The Particle Nature of LightRefraction and Reflection
10Nov 3, 2020HW066Optics and the TelescopeTelescopes
11Nov 10, 2020HW077Comparative Planetology 1Observing Mercury and Venus
12Nov 17, 2020HW088Comparative Planetology 2Observing Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn
13Nov 24, 2020HW099The Living Earth: Geology [Terrestrial Plate Tectonics and Atmosphere]Earth's Rocks
14Dec 1, 2020HW1010Our Barren Moon [Surface Features w/o plate tectonics or erosion]Crater Formation
15Dec 8, 2020HW1111Mercury, Venus, and Mars [Planetary core structures and planetary development]The Greenhouse Effect
16Dec 15, 2020Focus on Terrestrial Planets
Dec 29, 2020NEW YEAR's HOLIDAY
17Jan 5, 2021HW1212Jupiter and Saturn [Atmospheres II]Differential Rotation
18Jan 12, 2021HW1313Jupiter and Saturn's Satellites: Moons, Rings and Tidal ForcesIce Under Pressure
19Jan 19, 2021HW1414Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Kuiper Belt; Roche LimitObservation of Jupiter's Moons
20Jan 26, 2021HW1515Vagabonds of the Solar SystemComet Observations
21Feb 2, 2021Project Presentations, Review, and ExamNO LAB
22Feb 9, 2021HW1616Our Star, the SunSunspots
23Feb 16, 2021HW1717The Nature of the StarsStellar Motions and Distances
24Feb 23, 2021HW1818The Birth of StarsStellar Spectra
25Mar 2, 2021HW1919Stellar Evolution: On and After the Main SequenceStellar Evolution
26Mar 9, 2021What we can learn from starlight
27Mar 16, 2021HW2020Stellar Evolution: Death of StarsVariable stars - Period Luminosity Relationships
28Mar 23, 2021HW2121Black HolesBinary Stars
30Apr 6, 2021HW2222Our GalaxyObserving HII Regions
Apr 13, 2021HW2323GalaxiesClassifying Normal Galaxies
31Apr 20, 2021HW2424Quasars and Active GalaxiesClassifying Active Galaxies
32Apr 27, 2021HW2525CosmologyHubble's Law
33May 4, 2021HW2626The Early UniverseThe Curvature of Space
34May 11, 2021HW2727The Search for Extra Terrestrial LifeThe Search For ExoPlanets
35May 18, 2021Current events in astronomy
36May 25, 2021Project Presentations, Review, and Exam
4-JunEnd of Term