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Introduction to Physics

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Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Scholars' Online Summer Preparation for Honors and AP Physics

Jumpstart your AP Physics class!

Introduction to Physics is an eight-week course covering the basic concepts of physics, using the lectures of Michael Faraday on the Forces of Matter and James Breithaupt's Teach Yourself Physics as starting points for discussion concepts, experimental methods, and practical problem solveing.

Students who have "physics phobia" will find this a gentle introduction to the principles underlying studies of motion, heat, electricity, magnetism, light, nuclear reactions, and modern cosmology. Students planning on taking Honors or AP Physics will be given more challenging assignments to help them hone skills essential for surviving the fast pace and college-level workloads of these courses.

Lab work is optional, but labs completed for this course may be applied to the Scholars Online Physics AP course requirements.

The class will require preparation time outside the discussion sections, mostly involving short exercises assigned from the text and by the teacher. Students chosing to complete any or all of the assigned labs need to commit more time for building lab equipment, performing experiments, and presenting their reports.

Prerequisite: At a minimum, students must be able to handle simple algebraic equations, such as s = 1/2 at2 and should have completed a junior-high level survey of physical science. To tackle optional advanced AP course preparation work, students should have completed or be planning to take Advanced Algebra.

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