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Introduction to Physics

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Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Scholars' Online Summer Preparation for Honors and AP Physics

Readings Topic Experiment
June 14
Intro Getting Started: Science Lab Methods, Lab Reports
Chapter 1 The Subject Matter of Physics Measuring mass and volume
Faraday TBD
June 21
Chapter 2 Kinematics: Velocity and Acceleration Measuring Motion
Chapter 3 Dynamics: Forces and Equilibrium Static Equilibrium
Faraday TBD
June 28
Chapter 4 Machines: Work, Energy, Power Efficiency
Review Classical Mechanics: Momentum and Kinetic Energy Exchanging Momentum and Energy
Faraday TBD
July 5
** Holiday **
July 12
Chapter 5 Thermodynamics: Systems and Statistics Using the Ideal Gas Law
Chapter 6 Engines: Energy Conversion Electrical and Mechanical Energy
Faraday TBD
July 19
Chapter 7 Electricity: Charges and Forces Static Charges
Chapter 8 Electromagnetic waves: Light and Optics Wave Properties
Faraday TBD
July 26
Review Fields: Electricity and Magnetism Magnetism
Chapter 9 The Structure of Matter: Atoms and Molecules Determining Molecular Mass
Faraday TBD
August 2
Chapter 10 The Study of the Very Small: Quantum Mechanics Quantum Properties
Chapter 11 Inside the Atom Seeing Electron Activity
Faraday TBD
August 9
Chapter 12 Nuclear Physics The Gravitational Constant
Chapter 13 Gravity
Chapter 14 The Future of Physics Student-designed Lab