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Chemistry Core/AP

Chat times for 2018-2019
Monday-Wednesday (CORE)/Friday (AP)
11:00a-12:30; ET/8:00a-9:30a PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Scholars Online Chemistry for 2018-2019

Course Overview for 2018-2019

In 2018-2019, Scholars Online will offer a two-level chemistry course. The Chemistry Core course will cover chemistry at the high school level. When combined with the AP Biology Option, the complete course will cover chemistry at a first-year college level meeting the AP Chemistry syllabus requirements. Both courses cover the following topics:

We will approach this mass of material through our texts, through discussion, through guided Web Tours, and through lab experiences. As we learn about the concepts and methods of modern chemistry, we will try to put them into perspective by addressing these questions:

Students with limited time, and those not pursuing physical science at the college level but still wishing to learn the fundamental rules that govern the properties of matter should enroll in the Core course.

Students who wish to earn college credit in a physical science and who intend to pursue a college course in medicine, chemistry, physics, engineering, or astronomy will find the additional AP Option useful preparation for college-level science. Note that up to 15 hours per week may be required for the combined Core and AP chat preparation, mastery exercises, quizzes, in depth lab work, and AP examination preparation.

Browser Recommendation: I strongly that you use FireFox to attend class and use the Moodle, and avoid Chrome and Microsoft Edge, since Google and Microsoft chose not to implement the MathML standard in their browsers. We depend heavily on this math formatting tool in chat. Addtionally, he Moodle is optimized for FireFox; some features are available in FireFox and not in other browsers.

Meetings: The Core Chemistry course meets in online chat sessions twice a week for a review of the material and open discussion of homework assignments or topics posing difficulties. Some time will be devoted to basic lab work. Students post individually-assigned problems to the course conference center to gain practice in explaining solutions. Students taking the AP option will attend a third session each week covering key topics in greater detail, discussing more extensive lab work, and involving further activities to help them prepare for the AP examination in Chemistry.

Credit: Students completing the core course will receive high school chemistry credit. Students taking the AP option and completing the AP section successfully will receive AP credit. Students who take the AP option but do not complete all AP requirements may receive honors credit for their additional work beyond the high school level.

You may review the letter of certification and the formal syllabus and for this course as approved by the College Board.

Standard Exam Preparation: Students taking the core course should be well prepared to take both the SAT II Chemistry Test. Students taking the AP option will be prepared to take the AP examination in Chemistry. Those interested in either exam should read the Chemistry Exam Preparation page, and contact the instructor if they have questions.

Prerequisites: Scholars Online Chemistry Core Course is designed to be an independent course for students who have completed a rigorous junior high school physical science course, or Scholars Online Natural Science I and II. The AP Option requires simultaneous enrollment in the Core Course.

Labs and Lab Equipment:

Labs are not optional. Students must complete twelve labs for the core course. AP Option students must complete 18 labs. Students must have parental permission to perform labs in order to receive credit. The lab permission form and a list of required equipment and materials is available from the Lab Requirements page.

Need more information? Further details on this course are available at this site on course procedures and other frequently-asked questions.

Enrollment: To enroll in this course, or for further information on Scholars Online, please visit the Scholars Online Website.